Our Story

What is Dressed By Finn?

An online clothing boutique for dogs, not just any dogs though, the chic pups of the world who stand out everywhere they go. 

Clothing with a personality

All items have been handpicked by the owner, Jennifer Foley. She carefully chose the brands based on their style and quality. In addition, some of the collections have been designed by Jennifer and are one-of-a-kind. The clothes you buy should be unique and stylish just like your pups. 


 Dressed By Finn Bow and Drape

Message from the Owner

Hello my fellow dog lovers! 

I am so happy that you are here because that means you are just as obsessed with your dog(s) as I am with Finnegan. I know how special a dog can be in someone's life and how they are an important member of the family. My inspirations to start Dressed By Finn were my own dog Finnegan and also my sister who started a clothing line for babies & moms called,
Dressed By Finn - Citizen Beach Apparel
In the past, I thought dog clothing was only an accessory, not a necessity. When doing some research on the dog clothing industry I learned a lot of dogs (mainly small ones) actually NEED clothing. The clothing can be used to keep them warm or calm their anxiety. In some cases, clothing can help reduce shedding around the house and ease allergies to guests. Who knew?! 

My goal in starting Dressed By Finn was to offer dog apparel that couldn't be found anywhere else or was so cute I couldn't pass up offering it to my customers. You will see a mix of my own designs, my favorites brands, and some classic pieces. 

Shopping for your own closet is fun but I find shopping for a dog's closet is even more fun. People will start to care less about what you are wearing and more about what your dog is wearing. I want people to see your dog's outfits and be jealous they don't have it in their own closet. All of our customers across the world are connected in one way - their pups are Dressed By Finn and look better than everyone else's! 

Finny has approved all the clothing and made sure it was good quality, stylish, and comfortable :)

Jennifer, Owner Dressed By Finn, LLC.